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General Introduction
Provide Dacromet Surface Treatment
Operating items:
Dacromet technology application and coating processing
2, Zinc Meite (Zintek), metal anti-corrosion technology application and coating process
3, The force of the United States and Canada (MAGNI) technology application and coating processing
4 Chrome-free zinc-aluminum coating technology application and coating process
5, Various fasteners, stampings and metal materials treated with preservatives

In 1996, the Ministry of Machinery Industry Dacromet coating technology as the sustainable development of green cleaner production focusing on funding development projects. With the rapid development of the socio-economic and industrial industry metal pieces of the Dacromet the demand increasingly widespread. In May 2008, Shanghai Aflon Metal Coating Co.,Ltd. introduced advanced PLC Dacromet coated technology and complete production line equipment, through standard assessment debugging, put on the various sectors of society and corporate support services.

The Dacromet type of coating (DACROMET):

Silver gray matt Dacromet;
Silver gray matt Dacromet lubricating coatings;
According to customer demand, the configuration of colored Dacromet;

After the production run and external supporting the processing, the company has fully mastered the technology, the formation of the the serialization-coated production system from the matching process, technology, quality and service. Has a strong supporting capacity of the coated parts for all types of products. August 13, 1999, the State Environmental Protection Administration issued UNCED [1999] No. 185, the text, the steel parts Dacromet process "recognized as the national focus on environmental protection in 1999, the use of technology to promote the project (project number: 99B030). Well customer support services to various sectors of the society at the same time, strengthen internal management mechanism will be the first half of 2009, the company passed ISO9002 quality system certification. The Dacromet quality, has won the reputation and care of many customers at home and abroad.

The DACROMET (DACROMET) for thermosetting zinc-based chromate conversion coating (TCCF) Department of metal surface treatment in today's international high-tech industry to gradually replace the serious environmental pollution, electro-galvanized, zinc cadmium, hot, hot zinc spray, mechanical plating zinc and other traditional surface treatment process, so as the "green plating."

The DACROMET coating with high corrosion resistance, heat resistance, no hydrogen embrittlement, high permeability, and then cover refolding and environmental pollution, salt spray test according to user requirements, respectively, from 240 to 2000 hours such as different needs. Now widely applied in the field of automotive, motorcycle, electrical and mechanical, electrical, chemical, marine, appliances, railways, bridges, tunnels, shipbuilding, defense and military industries, has a bright future dacromet technology to promote the use, and social engineering bounded by the widespread use of praise.

The company currently employs 50 people, the title of senior technical and management staff of 15 people, the company plant covers an area of ??4000M2, coated multiple auxiliary equipment, with the associated metering, physical and chemical testing equipment and facilities, to ensure product quality , to provide customers with parts processing the Dacromet warranty book (DACROMET).
At present, the company has established with the relevant client the daily surface coating processing business, and get a quality track recognition and appreciation of the many supporting units.

The Dacromet pricing principles are: technical quality requirements according to customer parts, reasonable communication pricing.

Company Quality: superior quality, satisfactory service, technological innovation!

The operating principle: integrity first, service to the general public!

Welcome for customers at home and abroad to work together and create a win-win situation!
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